Factors to Consider Before Buying a Ping Pong Ball

Posted on April 28, 2017  in Table Tennis Guide

Everyone wants to buy the best ping pong table (often known as table tennis) and yet there are many who really struggle with this. The trouble is that once the table is purchased, there is the new trouble of finding suitable ping pong balls. Now, this might not seem too troublesome because you’d think any balls would do to play ping pong but in truth, they are somewhat different from one another. So, what do you need to consider when buying ping pong balls?

Look At the Star Rating

You might not really care about star ratings but it may depend on how often you plan to use the ping pong ball. For instance, if you are a professional or plan to play ping pong an awful lot then it is necessary to choose a higher star rating as this will indicate its quality level. Balls with lower star ratings usually are suitable for practice and those who use these occasionally. That doesn’t mean to say they shouldn’t be used but it can depend on how often you plan to use them. When buying the best table tennis table you should look for the type of balls that come with the table as it might save you money if they’re suitable.

Look At the Weight of the Ball

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying new ping pong balls and for some, it can get extremely confusing. However, this doesn’t always have to be too much of a struggle, not if you think about it. One of the most important factors to consider would have to be the weight of the actual ball. Now, if the weight is far too light, it might not be too easy to control where you want it to go; with heavier balls they may be far slower to move. It would be ideal to find something in-between so that you get good lift, speed and control. You can buy the best ping pong table but you still need to ensure the balls are just as good. If you look at the weight, you can find a suitable option for the table and your game.

Which Offers A Better Bounce?

Who really thinks about bounce? Well, this is often neglected when it comes to choosing new ping pong or table tennis balls but in reality it can be extremely important. If there is no bounce to the ball the game will be pretty flat and one-sided which is why you need to look at the bounce it offers. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect but it does need to offer something good and strong so you can play your game. With the best table tennis table, you can enjoy a great game of ping pong but you need to ensure the balls are high quality too.

Buy the Best

When you find suitable ping pong balls, you can enjoy your game far more. This decision doesn’t have to be too difficult and you can surely find your games are better. Ping pong is truly a wonderful game and something that a lot of people enjoy too. Why not try ping pong? You’ll love it! With the best ping pong table you can enjoy a game or two.

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